About the Music

When Dallas-based blues sensations Mike Morgan and The Crawl first arrived on the blues scene ten years ago, word-of-mouth about their blistering Texas blues spread like wildfire. A decade later, they rank among the blues touring circuits' greatest success stories.

Since forming in the late 1980s, The Crawl's fiery, unforgettable live performances and Morgan's searing guitar playing have earned them rave reviews from critics and a devoted audience worldwide. As displayed on their highly acclaimed albums for Black Top Records, the band's innovative blend of hard-driving Texas blues, sweet Southern soul and aggressive roots rock has placed them at the forefront of the contemporary blues scene.

Now, Mike Morgan and The Crawl revisit the rough-and-tumble Texas roadhouse sound of their roots on their new Black Top recording, I Like The Way You Work It. I Like The Way You Work It is Mike Morgan and The Crawl's most straightforward blues album yet. Produced by Morgan and Black Top founder Hammond Scott, the album showcases Morgan's incendiary, gutbucket guitar riffs and Lee McBee's Little Waiter-style harp and raspy, soul-drenched vocals. I Like The Way You Work It contains fourteen original songs, eleven of which were written by Morgan. In addition to the rock-solid backing of Crawl bassist Johnny Bradley, the album also features a supporting cast of the Crawl's favorite musicians, including Cannonball record artist Shawn Pittman, bassist Willie Campbell (The Fabulous Thunderbirds), drummer Richard Innes .

"Mike Morgan's CD is indeed a Lone Star Spanker, with a special guarantee of pleasure for the faithful among us who prefer our sounds to be drenched in Blue. Besides snatching tunes out of their wide open spaces, Texas Bluesmen have always had the foresight of digging, listening and browsing music from other locals and seemlessly blending it into their own musical gumbo. Whether listening to Mike's Louisiana tinged 'Whoa My Darlin' or his soulful rendition of 'Five Thousand Miles From Home', you can tell he's a stone cold travelin' man.

Slide guitar aficionados will appreciate Mike's send ups of some Chicago staples, showing he can indeed hold his own in the Elmore James, Hounddog Taylor sweepstakes. This time around, Mike's vocals are on display front and center. He's got the chops. Check out his swagger on 'Texas Man' or how Mike's melody drives it home in my favorite track 'I'm Gonna Love You'.

Around the start of the Millennium I started praying to the lord to please send me a CD I could heartily enjoy. Well, here it is. Thanks Mike!"

Wes Race "Blues Spectator at Large" 9/8/00