Press Releases

Morgan's latest release is 'Stronger Every Day'. Here are what some of the critics say:

"Blues is almost always best when played live so the band can feed off the crowd. Here guitar man Mike Morgan and his band, The Crawl are captured in a smoking set at Bootlegger's in Dallas. It is pure blues end to end with a nice raw recorded sound with exciting performances. Fine album". Sing Out Magazine

"Live in Dallas brings the roadhouse to your living room , so grab a long-neck, move the coffee table and crank it up". Tom Darby - Sun Coast Blues Society Twelve Bar Rag

"Live in Dallas shows the band doing what they love and what they do best…blowing the roof off the joint." Bill Wilson - Billtown Blues Association Newsletter


"Morgan always gives fans their moneys worth – and then more - as his performance on Live in Dallas demonstrates. The previous summer Morgan had played one of the most memorable live sets I'd witnessed." Thomas J. Cullen, III - Blues Review Magazine


"When guitarist Mike Morgan and his band, The Crawl, released their 1990 Black Top debut, Raw & Ready, the band quickly went from local Texas phenomenon to nationally recognized blues stars. With each subsequent release, Morgan's powerful guitar playing and The Crawl's road-proven stage shows made for one of the blues' great success stories.

Mike Morgan and The Crawl's fiery stage shows drew rave reviews from critics and left fans open-mouthed in amazement. With a healthy dose of hard driving Texas blues, a touch of horn-fat Southern soul, and a splash of old-fashioned roots rock, Mike Morgan and The Crawl are back and ready to take their aggressive, innovative blues to fans from coast to coast. The Crawl kicks out some lethally propulsive rhythms behind Morgan's barbwire-jagged guitar." Atlanta Journal


"Mike Morgan and the Crawl at Debbie's: To me, there's always been something special about catching some blues on a hot summer night at Debbie's. The Falls lounge Is one cozy room that houses both the stage and the bar, so it has that juke joint feel to it. The friendly, diverse audience tends to get a bit boisterous at times, but usually gets much more into the music than at most clubs. The smoke, the cold beer, and the sweat of the dancers seems to invoke a special mood. And if to this mix you bring in a really hot Texas Blues Band, well...

On July 1Oth, Mike Morgan and the Crawl made their semi-annual trip to the Cataract City. It was a steamy evening, and the band would drive the temperature up a few notches before long. Because he's from Texas, you might expect lead guitarist, Mike Morgan to be another Stevie Ray clone. Actually he's a musician of many dimensions. He coolly blasts through the entire repertoire of guitar licks from the furious slide of Elmore James, the tasteful notations of T-Bone Walker, or the soulful slashes of Magic Sam. He even performed a clever fill of classical Spanish melodies.

An innovative songwriter, he's penned the majority of tunes on his seven albums for Blacktop. With his distinctive black eye patch, he's an imposing figure on stage, even with his leg in a cast (the unfortunate result of a motorcross accident)." Rich Schneider - Blues Beat